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Nukit Folding Axe

Nukit Folding Axe

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Sinofuturistic take on the short axe, chosen tool of the Hatchet Men, the legendary Highbinders or Bu Heu Doi, Tong assassins, updated for the future we live in.

Due to international shipping issues, please allow 20-30 days for delivery.

Update- These are taking up to 60 days to clear customs in the US. Unfortunately there does not seem to be any way to expedite the process.

Note: The Nukit Folding Axe is intended as an emergency, portable light-grade utility axe. If you try to chop down an entire tree with it, it will eventually bend or break. Visible manufacturing defects are covered for 30 days, but you should not expect it to withstand the same level of abuse as a fixed-shaft utility axe with a heavy solid blade. Used occasionally and appropriately, it is very serviceable but any folding tool makes inherent compromises.

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