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Nukit Heat Set Insert Press

Nukit Heat Set Insert Press

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A heat-set insert press, along with a desktop 3D printer is an essential tool for desktop digital fabrication. It’s a tool, that allows you to make more complex tools. Hardware hackers, innovators, and IP pirates- anyone who wants to make what they want, not what they are allowed to make or permitted to buy will have a 3D printer and heat set insert press on their desk.

A 3D printer will let you make a lot of things- but a 3D printer can’t print everything- yet. There are always unprintable parts- called “vitamins” in the RepRap community. Bearings, screws, motors- and heat-set inserts. Heat-set inserts allow you to make enclosures and complex machines that can be taken apart repeatedly, maintained, iterated on, and also objects that exceed the print volume of your 3D printer in size.

Full instructions here:

See how I use the press here:

Made out of aluminum extrusion, this press is maintainable and repairable indefinitely- a true buy-it-for-life product. The cost includes a high-quality soldering iron and a variety of tips which is far more practical than constantly swapping your own back and forth.

The downward force of the press is exerted by low-cost latex rubber bands. Weights or springs could be used, but different slicer settings generally require different degrees of force, and following the KISS principle (Keep it Simple Stupid), rubber bands actually yielded the best results in testing and are fastest to change. If you like, you can always load large, heavy washers onto the horizontal arms instead.

The design has been updated- it now comes in two parts which saves on shipping so I'm sure you'll agree it's justified. Here are the assembly instructions:

I've also upgraded the temperature controller, you can see the new one in the product photos.

If you'd like to buy brass inserts for my heat set insert press- or just soldering iron tips to try your hand at manual insertion, please visit my friend Stefan aka. CNC Kitchen's online store (Europe) for the highest quality brass inserts money can buy (probably better than any I might sell later).

In the US and Canada, you can buy CNC Kitchen brass inserts from Repkord.

Adam at Vector 3D also sells his VLMP heat insert press, which is not quite as fancy as mine😉 but very reasonably priced.

The Nukit Heat Set Insert Press has a 90 day warranty against manufacturing defects when the product is used as intended.
That said, please contact us if there’s a problem that seems unreasonable and we will do our absolute best to make it right. We’d rather underpromise and over-deliver on service than the other way around.

We're very sorry, but we cannot offer customized invoices, price quotes, bank transfers, phone consultations etc. The administrative cost would quickly wipe out any profit margin. You can buy industrial-class heat insert tools here that can accommodate those needs.

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