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The Nukit Tempest - PC Fan Air Purifier Kit (Canada Warehouse)

The Nukit Tempest - PC Fan Air Purifier Kit (Canada Warehouse)

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Ships directly from Canada!

  • All-metal, buy-it-for-life construction.
  • Uses standard, low-cost, non-proprietary, 2”x20”x20” MERV 13 furnace filters.
  • Uses all standard, easily replaceable PC parts- screws, fans, grills etc.
  • Great STEM-Ed project- just like assembling a PC enclosure (but no sharp edges).
  • Any local PC shop can assemble, repair, and customize them.
  • 12v DC input.
  • Optional mounting point for a Mean Well AC power supply.
  • Optional mounting point for our CO2 sensing PWM fan control board.
  • Optional power loss alarm to discourage unplugging.

It's Airborne: Nukit Tempest Review by Joey Fox

Assembled Size:
21.25in (540mm) x 20.25in (514mm) x 9.6in (244mm)
14.7lbs (6.65kg)

You will need (not included):
2- MERV 13 Furnace filters, 20”x20”x2”.
1- DC power supply 12v, 2A with 5.5x2.1mm barrel connector. (Suggested)
6- PC cooling fans, 140mm. (Suggested and this- 5+1 fans)
6- Fan guards, 140mm. (Suggested or these for very small children)

(The total cost is still well below the cost of purchasing and operating any competing air purifier.)

The Nukit Tempest Power Loss Alarm. Discourage users from unplugging and disabling your air purifier.

Nukit CO2 Controller. Turn the Nukit Tempest on and off in response to ventilation/CO2 levels.

Specs and CADR depend on configuration, but as shown with the suggested parts, David Elfstrom tested the Tempest at 280 CFM CADR.

Nukit Tempest FAQ

Nukit Tempest Assembly Instructions (they make it a lot easier, worth reading)

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Huge thanks to Zack Deis for contributing his design, which we were then able to build on.

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